The Ambi Climate API is built using REST design principles and utilizes OAuth2 for security. This documentation will cover how to access resources on the API, but if you are unfamiliar to REST or OAuth we recommend that you do some research before proceeding. Here's a link introducing the main concepts and protocol of OAuth from Digital Ocean:

An Introduction to OAuth2

API Root Endpoint


OAuth Grant Types

At this time the Ambi API only provides access tokens through the "authorization code grant".


Access to the API requires a valid access token that can be obtained through OAuth2 security protocol.

You can visit our Quick Start guide to quickly get an access token.

Once you have a access token there are two methods that are both acceptable for use.

URL Parameter



Insert your acess token here

              curl "https://api.ambiclimate.com/example/endpoint" \
-d "access_token=12XXXK84si5rOfmiHuNKH4BlSRIqQd" \




Prefix your access token with the keyword "Bearer" followed by a space and your access token

              curl "https://api.ambiclimate.com/example/endpoint" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer 12XXXK84si5rOfmiHuNKH4BlSRIqQd" \